Test person in sample environment using Tulip system, particles are generated for visualization of virus. When the Tulip is engaged, the downward airflow prevents a virus to move horizontally and reach other people without inducing a draft feeling.

The Tulip – COVID-19 neutralization

Bring your business back!

Run your business with the Tulip, an innovative standalone unit that protects your space from virus spread (e.g. COVID-19)

  • Alleviates the risk of virus spread indoors
  • Enables proximity (<6 ft) for customers and staff
  • Allows businesses to function at full capacity
  • Standalone, portable and modular unit
  • Easy setup into any existing space
  • Unique patent-pending non-intrusive technology
  • Built-in filtering and COVID-19 neutralization

Patent Pending


  1. Open portable system/modular placement anywhere indoors. No connection needed with building ventilation
  2. Patent pending air technology: each person receives own clean air
  3. Close proximity (<6ft) possible again for customers & employees
  4. No sensation of draft
  5. Multi-stage inline virus treatment (e.g. COVID-19): virus gets neutralized in the filtration

Other benefits

  1. Staging of multiple units possible
  2. Low noise profile
  3. Leasing options available
  4. Collapsible options for storage

If you are interested, please contact us at to receive more details on the system and its potential for your business!