Airdaptive is highly experienced in a wide range of industries including automotive, semiconductor, oil and gas, and energy. We pride ourselves for our multidisciplinary approach to solving innovation problems that companies face today sometimes using solutions from other industries as well. Besides consulting, we are also involved with new business development projects with companies ranging from automotive to audio technologies and do not limit ourselves to any sector as long as the value proposition being offered is solid. We sleep, eat and breathe passionate innovation.

Arjen De Jong

Arjen De Jong completed his PhD in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Astronautical/Space Engineering from the Delft university of technology and has since worked on a number of interdisciplinary projects with multiple corporations. He is passionate about finding new solutions for existing engineering problems or brainstorming ways to make the normal even better. He is currently an advisor at ASML and TNO and also works in different capacities with other organizations. His specialties include computational fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, acoustics, hi tech innovation, and product development.